How to Get Involved


#1: Join our Facebook!


We use Facebook to post events, meeting times, club information, and generally communicate! So if you have Facebook it's a great way to keep in touch with the group. 


#2: Join Our Mailing List

Joining the mailing list:

  • Send an email to from the address you wish to be subscribed.
  • Leave the subject blank.
  • In the body of the email, type:

subscribe MTNCLUB-L firstname lastname

Where 'firstname' is your first name, and 'lastname' is your last name.

To use the list serv, send an email, form the account you signed up with, to Your email will be distributed to everyone in the club.

Leaving the mailing list

  • Send an email to From the account you are signed up with.
  • Leave the subject blank
  • In the body of the email type

signoff MTNCLUB-L


#3: Come to a Meeting!

Meeting attendance is highly encouraged (required if you wish to participate in official club trips). We will discuss important things such as upcoming trips and training at meetings.

Get to know other climbers and mountain enthusiasts. Meetings help us build and maintain a strong community, so come and make new friends, plan an adventure, and have fun.

Us officers have lives too, so try to do most club business at the meetings. That includes

  • Paying dues
  • Turning in receipts for reimbursement
  • Also, this a good time to check in/out equipment