Trip Guidlines

To make sure our trips go as planned, there are a few trip guidelines!

  • The trips will be announced at the meetings.
  • Dues must be paid to come on trips! Check out the Get Involved page for more information.
  • First come first served for limited registration trips.
  • For questions regarding registration, logistics or other general inquiries please contact the organizing member(s) directly instead of posting those questions to the listserv; you can find email address for officers here.
  • Coordinate with other members to carpool, ask for help to the organizing member(s) if you can't find a person to carpool with.
  • Bring your own food and water, we suggest you team up with a couple members to buy and cook food together.
  • If you have not attended a meeting within the month preceding an official trip you will not be allowed to go.
  • Sign up with the club through these forms MUST be completed before the trip. 


  • You need to bring personal gear. Check it out from the gear officer if you need to.

Multi-day Trips

  • if you can't come for the whole length of the trip, gas can still be reimbursed if you follow the guidelines.
  • you must bring a tent, if you don't have one you could rent one at the UNM Recreational services or pair up with someone who can bring one
  • you must bring a sleeping bag, if you don't have one you could rent one at the UNM Recreational services; make sure to bring a sleeping bag in the appropriate temperature range for the trip.


  • A 4x4 or high clearance vehicle may be needed to get to the area.
  • No designated campsites or campfires pits, so you have to be aware of fire danger in the area and be responsible.
  • No toilets available, and you must deal with it in a sustainable matter (the club will provide wag bags if needed).
  • Bring lots of water.
  • Leave no trace.